Suppliers Join Forces With USA Gymnastics

Virtual Gymnastics Congress a First!

USA Gymnastics will hold its annual National Congress with educators, coaches, athletes, and gymnastics supply vendors, providing a weekend of solid gymnastics learning. The US Gymnastics Suppliers Association is also set for the virtual shopping and support of the industry as a whole, August 8-9.

The Gymnastics Suppliers Association offers a wide variety of services and products to help keep our children on the right side of health. Attendees of USA Gymnastics Congress, August 8-9, are able to enjoy a high-quality educational experience as well as shopping in the safety and comfort of their own personal environments.

The US Gymnastics Suppliers Association has supported the annual Congress since its inception in 1902. Throughout the years, the partnership of the gymnastics suppliers and the consumer has had a rich history. The pandemic put a large wrinkle in the format going from live to virtual. Using an online format, coaches and gymnastics club owners will visit the virtual shops for the latest tools for teaching safe gymnastics, including home-use equipment.

US Gymnastics Suppliers Association—An organization of member companies that supply high-quality products and services to the gymnastics industry as the world’s largest association of Gymnastics Suppliers and Manufacturers who help guide, develop and lead the industry for a better future for gymnasts, clubs, and companies servicing the Gymnastics community.

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Source: United States Gymnastics Suppliers Association


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