Switch.ag Offers Trading Through New Decentralized Exchange, Announces New Listings for Native Token ESH

Bringing simplicity and an intuitive interface, the Switch platform gives its users one of the most user-friendly experiences available. The platform also offers a (DEX) decentralized exchange, with new listings announced.

​​​​​Switch.ag is a token exchange platform developed for ultimate usability and simplicity. The platform also allows users to buy gift cards and donate to charitable causes, all with various cryptocurrencies. The platform has also launched a decentralized crypto exchange (SwitchDex.ag) which follows the same simple theme and has seen the support of big industry names such as John McAfee.

Simply Switch Cryptos

The Switch.ag cryptocurrency exchange platform is about as user-friendly as it gets. Users select which cryptocurrency they have and which they would like to convert it into. The depositing address and receiving addresses are then entered, along with the amount that will be sent in the original cryptocurrency. The platform then calculates and informs the receiving amount, and a simple click converts the value to the new cryptocurrency, and the funds are deposited in the user’s wallet. The Switch.ag platforms also give users the option to buy gift cards with their cryptocurrencies and even donate in charitable causes.

SwitchDex, Trading Decentralized

Switch has recently launched a decentralized trading platform for digital tokens. As an extension of the Switch brand, the decentralized exchange (SwitchDex.ag) carries the same core principle of the Switch.ag platform and makes trading extremely easy. The platform offers the following benefits:

Does not Hold Tokens: As a Dex exchange, tokens ownership lies with traders.
Lowest Fee: 0.2% taker fee, nothing else.
Whitelist your address: Users can pay a one time fee and the taker fee will be eliminated.
Airdrop: 100% of all fees collected from Switch.ag & SwitchDex.ag are airdropped to their token holders.

50% of Switch & SwitchDex fees are airdropped to ESH token holders each month

50% of fees collected by SwitchDex are airdropped to SDEX token holders each month (SDEX has a total supply of 200). 50% of Switch fees are airdropped to DESH holders each month (DESH has a total supply of 1,000).

SwitchDex is an exchange that has no limitations and anyone can sign up, including US residents. The exchange supports 6 different base pairs for trading and has more than a 100 tokens available for trading. ESH token is already listed on Instant Bitex, and DOBI exchange and Mercatox & IDEX have confirmed that ESH will be listed in the next week. The platform is also in talks with other exchanges to secure additional listings.

Switch Advisors

The Switch platform has already garnered significant attention for its unique trading environment and simplicity. John McAfee, the digital security pioneer who founded the McAfee antivirus firm, is a solid believer and supporter of the Switch brand.

Other advisors include Mate Tokey, an entrepreneur with a streak of founding the highest visited crypto related websites such as Bitcoin.com and other big names such as Simon Cocking (Editor in Chief of CCN).

The Switch platform pushes regular updates to its trading platform and truly fulfills the decentralization promise through its SwitchDex.

Visit Switchdex here – https://switchdex.ag
Learn more about Switch platform – https://switch.ag
Visit the decentralized exchange – https://switchdex.ag
Read about Switch on Medium – https://medium.com/@switchag
Join the Switch Telegram group – https://t.me/ethershiftco
Follow Switch on Twitter – https://twitter.com/switchag

Media Contact

Contact Name: Josh Case
Contact Email: contact@switch.ag

Switch.ag is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. Cryptocurrencies and tokens are extremely volatile.

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