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Kicking off her sophomore year at Stanford 19-year-old, Taylor Grey, is set to claim 2017 as her breakout year with the debut of her first studio album, SPACE CASE. Taylor's highly anticipated first single “NEVER WOULDA LETCHA” is an Alternative Pop single embellished with a tantalizing melodic harmony that provides listeners with a romanticized soundtrack to a forsaken love-story. “NEVER WOULDA LETCHA”, inspired by her unwavering devotion to her childhood crush, provides us with just a glimpse of Taylor’s remarkable growth and maturing sound.

NEVER WOULDA LETCHA” premieres today Friday February 17th, 2017, and is available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and all other major music platforms.

NEVER WOULDA LETCHA is about that friend you have a secret crush on. You've known each other forever, you've always been "just friends," but you always wanted something more. The feeling of this song is something I believe most people can relate to. Personally, I always love listening to music that reflects my emotions, so hopefully this song can be that for someone. And a fun song to dance too, as well!

Taylor Grey


Bringing “NEVER WOULDA LETCHA” to life, Taylor Grey teamed up with prolific, multi-award nominee for MTV’s VMA “Best Video with a Social Message” director Sarah McColgan to visually divulge her love story starring opposite the Unbroken actor, Sean O’Donnell. Premiering alongside the first single is the official music video, designed to entice and bring you closer to Taylor as you watch her go through the emotional journey of building up the courage to take a chance and confess her love.

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