The 10,000 Year-Old Twins Announce Official Release of Their Music Video 'Earth is Our Home'

The 10,000 Year-Old Twins Do Their Part to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth is Our Home song/video

Goodwill Media presents The Tovey Twins,  AKA Ariam and Tebiza, The 10,000 Year-Old Twins, have been around long enough to have seen the drastic environmental changes taking place on planet Earth due to climate change. Taking matters into their own hands, they decided to put their thoughts into song. What better way to reach today's youth and people of all generations than with a catchy tune and innovative dance moves? Join the 10,000 Year-Old Twins on a journey of global self-discovery.

Watch Earth is our Home here:

Who Are The 10,000 Year-Old Twins?

Having begun their career as entertainers at the ripe age of three months in the movie The Hangover, the dynamic duo The Tovey Twins - Elizabeth and Mariam - are mature beyond their years. Naturally inquisitive, these precocious teens aim to enlighten and inspire not just Generation Z but all of humanity.

The Tovey Twins have appeared in:

The Hangover (Baby Carlos)

Sierra Burgess Is A Loser (Netflix)

Day of our Lives (series regulars)

The Nightmare Nanny (Lifetime TV movie) and much moreā€¦

About the Songwriters

Todd Colby Pliss has kept busy since relocating to Los Angeles from his native New York. He has written and directed the award-winning short films, Execution at County Jail and Einstein's Brain. His screenplay for the comedy feature film, "The Art of Trash", has been produced and has had a successful DVD release.

Theresa Pia Tovey, 19, has studied violin and piano from an early age, performing in concert halls throughout Southern California. She currently studies music composition at Cal State, San Diego.


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