The Easy Outs Play Pure Rock Music From New Jersey!

Incorporating elements of Classic Rock and a modern sound, the Long Branch, New Jersey band The Easy Outs create their own unique style of riff heavy Rock. Their self titled LP is the embodiment of sweaty, grinding, and original Rock music. The album

Long Branch, New Jersey, February 10, 2010- Rock and Roll by the classic definition is what New Jersey outfit The Easy Outs bring to the world of modern music. Incorporating elements of Classic Rock and updating it to a modern sound is done with streamlined perfection, the result is music in rare form. Straight forward lyrics with no convolution or ambiguity accompanied by catchy guitar heavy melodies give listeners an honest form of music. The Punk influenced music is void of abstract metaphors, far from contrived, and rich in innovation.

Founded by ex-punkers Bruce Ferguson and Bobby Kennedy (The Damned, Captain Sensible), the now four-piece outfit offers clean, short, intelligent songs that listeners will find easily relatable. With their own unique style, the band plays short, down to earth tunes divergent from what is currently depicted as Rock music.

Under the guidance of a new manager, the band has shows booked throughout the new year and hopes to span their tour into Europe. Their first album simply titled "The Easy Outs" solidified their statement and offers music a break from overly generic and unnecessarily complex messages. Currently in the process of recording their second album, The Easy Out's labor of love is taking the shape that the band envisioned.

The Easy Outs are pushing forward with their upcoming tour, a new album in the making, and a dedication to producing a form of Rock music without pretension or complication. Their self-titled debut is currently available on Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and Main Man Records. For more information, check out The Easy Outs on Myspace at


The Easy Outs are a Rock band based in Long Branch, New Jersey. For more information about their music visit

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