The knife gate valves of AKO have been convincing the industry

The AKO Armaturen & Separations GmbH from Trebur near Frankfurt a. M. produces valves and accessories for blocking off and ruling corrosive, fibrous and abrasive media.

Specialized on these areas of application, the company has succeeded in having their valves used in the industry in many fields. Especially the paper and cellulose industry, but also the chemical and food producing plants often use those so-called knife gate valves of AKO. Due to the high quality of these products they are more and more widely used in other branches, i.e. by the feed or the steel industry.
Knife gate valves are frequently used to open, to close or to measure the general in- or outflow of the specific medium. A knife gate valve is sealing unilaterally and is opened or closed by different possibilities. Knife gate valves made by AKO can be operated manually by hand lever or by hand wheel or automatically by pneumatic or electric devices. According to requirement and frequency of the activity every customer can select the suitable activity variation of the knife gate valve by himself. Depending on the nominal width of the valve, the AKO made knife gate valves dispose of a maximum working pressure between 2 to 10 bar. However, AKO also offers special executions for higher working pressures and additionally other tailor-made specifications are available to the customer. To ensure a certain closing of the knife gate valve, which is manufactured from high-grade steel, a chamber-bevel is stuck to the valve to split solids. Under one can find detailed information about all available knife gate valves and also download the corresponding data sheets as well as operating and servicing instructions as PDF documents. Extensive accessories, as for example spindle lengthening, circle reverse controls, fail save systems and still a lot more belong to the customer-friendly service of AKO as well as an extensive stock of inventory and short response times.
The family enterprise AKO Armaturen & Separations GmbH was founded by Antoine Kopp and is today co-managed by himself and Frederic Kopp. Since 1984 the company develops and produces high-quality valves and accessories. All knife gate valves as well as the whole palette of products are certified according to the German Institute for Standardization ISO 9001:2008 and convince by their high quality. On there is a lot more of further product information and detailed descriptions of the valves to be found.


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