The U.S. Healthcare System is Undergoing Rapid Changes as LifeBrite is Shifting Towards Value-Based Care

Christian Fletcher LifeBrite’s CEO and a devoted healthcare leader, has put his focus towards ensuring the preciseness and effectiveness of the patient’s diagnosis and medical treatment. Considering the drastic failure of the U.S. healthcare system in recent times, LifeBrite laboratory is shifting towards value-based care to make the necessary improvements in the healthcare system. Information provided by this lab will now allow physicians to diagnose their patients and make impeccable decisions that further brighten the healthcare industry.

Christian Fletcher has integrated LifeBrite laboratory with the most top-notch and world-class equipment that has made them stand out among its peers. There is no denying that laboratory reports have played an invaluable role in healthcare service providers making the most critical decisions. The steps taken by Christian Fletcher has garnered global consideration as it will reduce the number of unfavorable incidents in the healthcare industry.

This algorithmic testing procedure of LifeBrite laboratory is also designed to make the diagnosis process more effective and precise. Overall, it helps to reduce diagnosis time and improve clinical outcomes. These laboratory models aid in swift recognition of the disease, determination of harshness of disease, creation of a treatment plan and monitoring of medication reaction. The more able the testing formalities, the briefer the duration of inpatient or outpatient visits, the faster the treatment and the lower the comprehensive cost of care.

Medical laboratories and their contributions are undoubtedly one of the most important factors in creating today’s advanced healthcare system. According to Christian Fletcher, an Atlanta man, “Medical lab services directly impact many areas of patient care such as patient safety and resource utilization. Our laboratory technicians work day in and day out to find the abnormalities to help physicians make precise prescriptions decisions. Our laboratory professionals use advanced technologies to help provide the most accurate testing results. This accuracy helps keep clinical decisions on the right track.”

LifeBrite lab, the Atlanta based clinical laboratory, has frequently been covered on the front page of popular news channels for its exemplary and remarkable achievements in the healthcare industry. Fletcher has been connected with various philanthropic activities since his adolescence.

It is very clear to us that medical laboratories are one of the most vital components of the healthcare industry, which ensures optimal outcomes for patients. This Atlanta-based medical laboratory clearly deserves recognition for the appropriate utilization of laboratory services and maintaining high standards.

Source: LifeBrite Lab


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