"The University of Pleasure" Launches Publishing Arm With a FREE Book for a Limited Time!

"The University of Pleasure" along with authors "Autumn Karen and Jeremiah James" chose to release the book for FREE for a limited time in hopes that it would bring a bit of joy, and pleasure at no cost to those who may be struggling in this difficult time of the Covid Pandemic.

Book Cover

New Empowerment Erotica - Amy: Book One

Funny, Touching Story of a Working Mom Who Becomes a Swinger

The University of Pleasure announces the first book under its publishing umbrella. Amy: Book One is an empowerment erotica novel by authors Autumn Karen and Jeremiah James, with cover art by LA-based Artists Burton Gray (burtongray.com)

Can an ordinary, inelegant wife and mother fulfill her wildest sensual fantasies, yet remain safe in her everyday life?  Fifty Shades of Grey meets Bridget Jones’s Diary, ‍Amy: Book One has a foundation of empowerment and 21st century motherhood realness. It follows the life and adventures of Amy Bowles, a relatable, struggling wife and working mother of three who gets an unexpected education in the swinging lifestyle. 

This novel leaves behind old tropes of what women can or should be in the bedroom, paving the way for a female-centered, erotic tale that entertains and enlivens readers. 

“Unlike a lot of other erotica, Amy is truly written from a woman’s perspective. We follow her story from inside her mind and inside her skin, in a way that we hope can open doors for women to their own self-discovery.” – co-author, Autumn Karen

“Amy is someone that we found not only through my personal experience in the lifestyle, but also through the experiences of scores of others. She’s a fun, real woman who is searching for and finding herself through the swinging lifestyle.” - co-author, Jeremiah James     

Amy: Book One is available for free, digital download for a limited time starting July 15.   For more information on how to read this innovative new novel, visit www.universityofpleasure.com

Just click the link below put it your email, and you will receive a link to download your copy! 


About The University of Pleasure: “The University of Pleasure seeks to provide access to information, education, and resources that allow others to enhance their engagement in fulfilling and satisfying sexual experiences. Our publishing wing was created to give opportunity and voice to new and developing authors, particularly those who are working diligently to contribute to the pleasure and sexual empowerment of others. Amy: Book One makes for a great beginning to this mission with its emphasis on authenticity, diversity in sexual experiences, and sexy fun.” – Dr. Tera Jansen, Psy.D., LP, CST

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