The Zeitgeist Movement's Townhall

Zeitgeist Movement Townhall Meeting Los Angeles Main Event The Zeitgeist Movement Continues the momentum and interest around solving some of our most persistent social problems.

The Zeitgeist Movement's Townhall Meetings are live, public events conducted by official regional
chapters worldwide. These are community forums for the public to engage TZM advocates in
questions & answers about a global, resource-based economic model and the social solutions we

The creator of the record-breaking Zeitgeist film series will be hosting the debut main event in Los Angeles, CA.

Bring your questions because we're webcasting live around the world.There will be a panel of speakers including: Peter Joseph (Global coordinator & Founder TZM), Jen Wilding (US National Coord), Jason Lord (CA Coord), Eva Omori (LA Coord), Brandon Kristy (LA Coord), and Sharleen Bazeghi (Event Coord).

Webcasting worldwide on Ustream TV:


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Press Contact, The Zeitgeist Movement