ThermaGEL Innovations Embarks on Path to Redefine Home and Commercial Insulation and Support Sustainability

ThermaGEL Innovations, a pioneering climate materials solutions company, is set to revolutionize the landscape of architectural design and construction insulation with its cutting-edge aerogel material. ThermaGEL is poised to disrupt the $61 billion global new and retrofit construction market, delivering reduced costs, energy savings, and unparalleled environmental benefits.

The company's breakthrough thermal insulation, developed, patented, and manufactured in-house, takes center stage with slimline aerogel panel products that promise a seismic shift in industry norms. With 122 million homes and 6 million buildings in the USA alone consuming 30% of the nation's energy, our product addresses the urgent need for effective, energy-efficient insulation for retrofit and new construction.

 "We’re at the forefront of an insulation technology revolution," said, Everett Carpenter COO of ThermaGEL Innovations. "Our aerogel material is not just about improving insulation; it's about reshaping the future of construction, reducing energy consumption, and creating more sustainable built environments."

ThermaGEL's insulation utilizes patented science and technology, offering a comprehensive solution that is mold, moisture, and fire resistant and acoustically dynamic. Unlike traditional insulation, which often results in energy wastage, ThermaGEL's innovative products are made at much lower temperatures conserving energy, reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing overall building safety and acoustics.

ThermaGEL's initial focus is on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Manufactured Homes, representing a substantial opportunity within the broader construction sector. The pilot design and build ADU program is already underway in California.

With over $2.1 million in institutional grants, including support from the Department of Energy and Department of Transportation, ThermaGEL stands as a leader in delivering performance comparable to and exceeding existing insulation materials.

Headquartered in the heart of Richmond, Virginia's tech hub, ThermaGEL is led by a seasoned management team and advisory board with a history of successful international ventures, including a Unicorn value exit.

Currently developing a 1 million square foot pilot stage, ThermaGEL plans to escalate production to 25 million square feet by 2025. CMO Adam Matalon added, “We’re excited to include the establishment of a world-class design center, providing architects and designers a space to unleash their creativity using ThermaGEL's innovative materials.”

The ThermaGEL Innovations panel products boast a payback period of just 2.5 years, positioning the company for resilient momentum as it commercializes, scales, and fulfills initial orders. The company is ready to assert itself as the go-to insulation technology provider in the industry.

We invite investors, partners, and customers to join us on this transformative journey towards a more energy-efficient and sustainable future.

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About ThermaGEL Innovations: ThermaGEL is a climate materials solutions company specializing in groundbreaking insulation technology. Our aerogel material offers reduced costs, energy savings, and significant environmental benefits. ThermaGEL's products provide advanced solutions for thermal insulation, moisture resistance, fire resistance, and acoustics. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, and led by a seasoned management team positioning the company for a significant market share.

Source: ThermaGel Innovations Inc.


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ThermaGEL Innovations is a climate materials solutions company at the forefront of groundbreaking insulation technology and set to revolutionize the landscape of architectural design and construction insulation with its cutting-edge aerogel material.

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