This Cryptocurrency is About to Change the Future of Fantasy Sports and E-Gaming: Introducing Fantasy Gold Coin

Fantasy Gold

Finally the long-anticipated swap from DFScoin to Fantasy Gold (FGC) is here. The DFScoin team has announced the long-awaited swap to Fantasy Gold. The swap has been in the works for around a month, while the team has worked on completing the needed tasks to facilitate the swap. The community has eagerly waited for this announcement.

Fantasy Gold brings a new excitement to an amazing project. With the introduction of masternodes and cutting the total coin supply by 10 times, this coin is poised to take over in two major industries. With their sights set on the Fantasy Sports and eSports space and a multitude of new partnerships and features, Fantasy Gold aims to be the in-game currency of every major platform in both spaces. Offering platform owners a safer and cheaper way for their users to play and pay. Fantasy Gold's application of blockchain tech is revolutionary; not only have they figured out a way to offer users a seamless experience on, but they also offer a full white-label API suite that allows any other platform to easily integrate Fantasy Gold as a payment option on their sites.

From start to finish, this system and project have it covered with the best working team and active support in crypto to the innovative ideas and updates that are a regular thing with the project. With the swap starting, the team's focus is now shifting to several major announcements that have been in the pipeline for some time, including possible new exchange listings, new partnerships, new events held and sponsored by the project and much much more.

From a financial standpoint, we believe Fantasy Gold is a no-brainer right now for any investor looking to get a potentially huge return on their investment. The project's small market cap and active team lock it in as one of the best cryptocurrency investments of 2018. With credit cards being added any day to, the deep partnership with starting very soon, being the title sponsor of the Lvl Up Expo in May, banking partners and the addition of their own exchange coming soon and the major announcements being made over the next few weeks, Fantasy Gold is the coin to HODL in 2018.

Steven Spooner 
Director of Communications
Fantasy Gold
[email protected]

Source: Fantasy Gold


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