ThisCap Inc, Supporting California Assembly Bill AB-319 - The Tethered Cap Bill, Brings to Market a Tethered Bottle Cap Available for Use on All Beverage and Bottle Types


​​ThisCap brings to market the first ever Tethered Bottle Cap for carbonated and hot fill beverages as well as all other beverage and bottle types.

The timing for ThisCap's innovative product is perfect given that the world is in an all-out rush to ensure that all single use plastics are recycled and kept out of Earth’s delicate ECO system and wildlife habitats. Everyday more than 6.5 billion plastic caps are opened and of those only 10% are recycled, the remaining 5.8 billion are discarded and allowed to pollute Earth’s Lands, Oceans, Seas, Lakes and Rivers, as a result, millions of wildlife lives are lost every year. Many governments around the world are drafting laws requiring all plastics to be recycled and, in California, Assemblyman Mark Stone has brought forward Assembly Bill AB-319 specifically requiring Tethered Caps on all single use beverage containers by the year 2020.

ThisCap Inc. Supports California Bill AB319 The Tethered Cap Bill and the efforts of Assemblyman Mark Stone

Michael Maguire, CEO

It has been widely believed that the technology for such a product does not yet exist but ThisCap has developed a patented solution that comes at zero extra manufacturing cost and can be implemented by flat cap manufacturers with only a one-day setup. Michael Maguire, Inventor and CEO of ThisCap, explains, "The reason ThisCap can be implemented at no extra manufacturing cost is that our design utilizes the existing manufactured cap with only a slight patented modification. No re-tooling of equipment is necessary, just a simple machine part change and any existing cap becomes ThisCap."

ThisCap Inc. has been developing their only product ‘ThisCap’ over the past 4 years and has obtained patents in every known patent office worldwide. “ThisCap is wildly simple,” says Vice President Kevin Rambke. "It's just one of those things, it’s so simple nobody thought of'll scratch your head and think, ‘why didn't I think of that.’" Kevin went on to say that, “ThisCap is set to be widely in use across Asia, India and Africa by mid-year 2018 and in Europe, North and South America by 1st quarter 2019.”

Michael Maguire has tremendous interest in reducing plastic pollution but is also quite aware of the beverage industry’s budget concerns, Michael says, “There is a great need to reduce plastic pollution but we must find ways to work with the plastics industry rather than against them. We need to develop recyclable innovations that the industry will accept, innovations that will transition quickly and at very low or no extra cost…we cannot fight them, we must join them or the problem will never be solved.”

California Bill AB-319 seeks to require that all plastic caps are recycled along with their bottles. ThisCap is a viable solution and should play a big part in making sure that this requirement will be met.

To support AB-319 please call or email your local California Assembly Person:

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ThisCap is a Patented Tethered Bottle Cap for use with ANY Beverage Type and on ANY Beverage or Chemical Bottle type. ThisCap ensures complete recycling of Bottle and Cap. ThisCap helping to protect our planet and wildlife.

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