ThumbPeople Featured On Life Talk Christian Radio

ThumbPeople Presents, "Seeing Your Children Through Heaven's Eyes" on Life Talk Christian Radio

The founder of ThumbPeople, Mark Arens, will be featured on Life Talk Christian Radio on Tuesday, December 14 from 1:00-2:00 p.m. central time. (Preceding James Dobson.)

The voice of ThumbPeople, Mark Arens, will talk about seeing your children through heaven's eyes and the power of a parent's words. This radio segment will encourage parents to be very intentional about the words they speak to their children. ThumbPeople helps parents recognize that they can wound their children with careless words and can heal and empower their children to reach their greatest potential through expressing loving, encouraging and affirming words.

Highly recommended by child development and family wellness experts, ThumbPeople provides resources for parents to affirm their child, instill a positive self image, build self worth and create a positive, nurturing home environment.

ThumbPeople founder, Mark Arens, says, "ThumbPeople is committed to being the voice for children who are in emotional poverty. Just like tomorrow may be too late to feed a child living with hunger, tomorrow may also be too late to meet the needs of a child living in emotional poverty. Our message has urgency and has the capacity to change the course for children who may be on a path to destructive behaviors."

Life Talk is a Christian Radio network that serves 72 radio stations and features premier programming from renowned experts such as Max Lucado, Joni Eareckson Tada and James Dobson. Mr. Arens will be interviewed by Steve Gallimore. Life Talk features a wide scope of Christian programming spanning the topics of health, liberty, trends, family, Bible study, money and other areas of interest.

ThumbPeople, Inc. is located in Burnsville, MN and produces children's literature through the Thumbuddy children's book series. ThumbPeople, Inc. also produces nurturing and encouraging music for children along with soaking music. They've been recognized for their efforts in positive youth development in building self confidence in children. ThumbPeople, Inc. produces Thumbuddy Club preschool curriculum with a positive message geared for both the secular and Christian environments and provides training opportunities through public speaking events.


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