Trinity Church Wall Street Announces Final Round of 2021 Grants, Bringing the Total for 2021 to $46 Million

Trinity Church Wall Street has awarded more than $8.3 million in grants to nonprofits this month, which brings the total amount of grants distributed this year to $46 million. The latest round of grants will support organizations that work with the most vulnerable, from creating housing opportunities for the homeless to investing in community-led violence interruption programs.

"This year's grantees are giving a voice to the voiceless and implementing innovative programing to help those most in need in their communities," said the Rev. Phillip A. Jackson, Priest-in-charge of Trinity Church Wall Street. "These grants are a response to the needs of our time, which have been exacerbated by the global pandemic, and we are pleased to be able to assist the organizations that are doing this good work."

Trinity's $46 million in grants in support of organizations locally, nationally, and internationally is up from $33.6 million in 2020.

"2021 was another record year of grant-making for Trinity," said Neill Coleman, Executive Director of Trinity Church Wall Street Philanthropies. "We know the need is great and we are proud to support churches and nonprofits that are investing in direct services in their communities as well as those seeking to shift government policy and spending away from jails and shelters towards community investment and affordable housing." 

CUNY's Borough of Manhattan Community College Foundation is receiving a $2 million grant, which will provide housing for homeless students enrolled at the school. A 2019 survey of CUNY students found that of the 22,000 surveyed, 55% reported experiencing housing insecurity, and 14% were homeless in the previous year.

This grant will provide stable housing for up to 50 students, which will allow them to focus on their journey toward graduation with a higher success rate.

"We recognize the incredible challenges faced by those that do not have a stable and decent roof over their heads. The number of CUNY students who are housing unstable is alarming and finding housing for all of them requires a significant investment from the public and private sectors," said Bea de la Torre, Managing Director for Housing & Homelessness at Trinity. "Trinity is pleased to more immediately help several students enrolled at BMCC have stable housing so they can complete and excel in their studies."

Trinity is also supporting the creation of housing for individuals with justice involvement by providing two capital grants. One of the grants is to The Fortune Society to convert a former hotel into supportive housing and the other is to the Osborne Association to complete the conversion of a former state prison in the Bronx into transitional housing.

The United Way of New York will use a $1 million grant from Trinity to support The Atlas Innovation Fund. The Atlas Initiative is a partnership with the New York City Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Safety, which is focused on enhancing community safety, increasing economic mobility, and strengthening the capacity of local organizations that are best positioned to prevent and respond to violence in the community. The Atlas Innovation Fund will enable these organizations to evaluate their practices and assess their impact.  

"In New York City, we are fortunate that we know what works when it comes to public safety," said Susan Shah, Managing Director for Racial Justice at Trinity. "As a funder, we have the privilege of focusing our resources on solutions. I hope Trinity's support will ensure New York City continues on a path of progress towards decarceration and justice."

In addition to supporting its neighbors in New York City, Trinity is a global ministry with partners throughout the world.

Trinity is proud to work again with Episcopal Relief & Development, which was awarded a $400,000 grant for its Haiti Earthquake Recovery Project. The organization has extensive and deep-rooted experience in Haiti. Since 2001, it has responded to multiple emergencies, from hurricanes to civil unrest.

"These projects will support increased engagement by churches in serving the growing needs in their communities," said the Rev. James Clark III, Managing Director for Mission Real Estate Development at Trinity.

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Source: Trinity Church Wall Street


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