True Glue Beauty Launches 'The Butterfly Effect' Lash Collection in Tribute to Late Founder's Mother

The Butterfly Effect Lash Collection

Pioneering beauty brand True Glue Beauty, known for revolutionizing the industry with their ingenious clean beauty creations, today proudly unveiled their highly anticipated lash collection, "The Butterfly Effect". More than a beautiful addition to your beauty arsenal, this collection is a poignant homage to the late Gail Lyons, the mother of True Glue Beauty's founder, Emily Lyons, and an advocate for butterfly conservation.

Gail Lyons' remarkable life was filled with a boundless love for nature, including butterflies, and a steadfast dedication to their preservation. Gail championed the cause of these mesmerizing creatures, tirelessly creating her own little sanctuary for their growth and sustenance by planting butterfly-friendly flora like milkweed and dill.

"The Butterfly Effect", True Glue Beauty's latest lash collection, embodies Gail's deep-seated love for butterflies. A portion of the proceeds from each sale—5%—will be donated to The David Suzuki Foundation, an esteemed organization relentlessly working towards environmental protection and conservation.

"My mother, Gail, was not just my guiding light but also a tireless champion for nature and especially butterflies. She reveled in their fragile beauty and strove to improve the world for these exquisite creatures. 'The Butterfly Effect' is our ode to her passion and love," shares Emily Lyons, the inspiring founder of True Glue Beauty. "Through our support of The David Suzuki Foundation, we aspire to honour her memory and perpetuate her legacy by actively aiding the conservation of these fascinating creatures."

"The Butterfly Effect" lash collection not only exemplifies the grandeur of nature but also underscores True Glue Beauty's commitment to sustainable practices and social responsibility. Each lash, handcrafted with meticulous care, is made from ethically sourced, cruelty-free materials, providing beauty aficionados with an experience that marries style with consciousness.

True Glue Beauty extends a warm invitation to beauty enthusiasts and butterfly admirers alike to experience the transformative allure of "The Butterfly Effect" collection. By choosing these lashes, consumers can simultaneously enhance their beauty and contribute to the conservation of these magnificent creatures that were so dear to Gail Lyons' heart.

About True Glue Beauty: True Glue Beauty is an industry trailblazer dedicated to redefining beauty norms through their innovative, environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free products. Spanning from lash adhesives to makeup, True Glue Beauty seamlessly melds sustainability with performance to deliver empowering and inspiring beauty solutions. For more information, please visit

About The David Suzuki Foundation: The David Suzuki Foundation, a leading Canadian environmental entity, is devoted to the protection of nature's diversity and our quality of life. Collaborating with individuals, businesses, and governments, the foundation strives to safeguard our environment and devise sustainable solutions to overcome the ecological challenges of our time. For more information, please visit

Source: True Glue Beauty Inc.


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