UNITED24 Uses Loyalize Cashback APIs to Support Ukraine

UNITED24, the official fundraising platform of Ukraine, partners with Loyalize to turn online cashback into donations.

UNITED24 and Loyalize

UNITED24 (U24), Ukraine's official fundraising platform launched by President Zelenskyy, has joined forces with Loyalize, a Boston-based online cashback API solution. The goal of this partnership is to empower American supporters of Ukraine to donate without spending but by simply continuing shopping with the U.S. brands they love, while Loyalize's technology takes care of the rest.

"Here in one click you can donate funds to protect our defenders, to save our civilians, and to rebuild Ukraine," says Volodymyr Zelenskyy about UNITED24. This focus of U24 on making it easy for every supporter of Ukraine to take action is perfectly complemented by Loyalize's solution - whereby in just one click everyone who shops at U.S. online stores can ensure that a portion of the order total goes to Ukraine. "We are incredibly honored to see our technology put to such a noble use," comments Geno Prussakov, Loyalize's CEO. "Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine during these turbulent times, and we'll keep making more and more U.S. stores available for these seamless donations."

For the shopper, there are no surcharges on the order total and no extra fees whatsoever. All a Ukraine-supporting shopper needs to do is start shopping by clicking the respective store's link at https://u24.gov.ua/news/loyalize_cashback and Loyalize's API-powered solution will ensure the automatic donation goes to UNITED24's U.S.-registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

This donations-through-cashback initiative has started with 27 U.S. stores, including such well-known brands as Apple, Target, Books-A-Million, Wayfair, Godiva, Fanatics, The Home Depot, and many others. The number of available merchants is ever-expanding, and both Loyalize and UNITED24 encourage every American shopper to remember that they can support Ukraine by shopping through U24's website: both this holiday season and beyond.

For more information on this initiative, visit this page.

About UNITED24:

UNITED24 is a fundraising platform, initiated by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. It is the central venue for charitable donations in support of Ukraine. During the first five months of operation, UNITED24 collected more than 190 million dollars from citizens of 110 countries worldwide. Among UNITED24 ambassadors are famous athletes - Andriy Shevchenko, Elina Svitolina and Oleksandr Usyk, creative director of Balenciaga - Demna, American actors - Liev Schreiber and Mark Hamill, music band Imagine Dragons, singer and actress Barbra Streisand.


Founded by a team of Moldova-born entrepreneurs - including an affiliate marketing veteran, Geno Prussakov, and a co-founder of Endava, Valentin Metzger - Loyalize is a result of its founders spotting the opportunity to turn cashback-generating technology and relationships with some 7,000 U.S. online stores into a loyalty-fostering and donation-generating tool. To learn more about the company and its solution, visit https://loyalize.com/

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