Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Registers IGI CO2 for Organic Use

2018 will bring a significant change in the way organic operations manage disease and pesticidal problems with a unique solution available to them for the first time.

On Dec. 21, 2017, the WSDA issued a registration certificate to IGI, LLC for the use of IGI CO2 at organic production and processing farms and facilities. The certificate states that IGI Carbon Dioxide has been verified to comply with the USDA National Organic Standards (7 CFR Part 205). The approved treatment types are for crop production aid (CPA), disease and pest control (DPC), fertilizer and soil amendment (FSA), livestock production aid and processing and handling (PH).  

This marks the first time that Organic facilities have had a registered solution for their pest control needs. IGI Organic Carbon Dioxide combined with IGI’s delivery systems provides a single source for multiple fumigation needs.

The IGI delivery systems include the Eliminator and Eliminator II. There are several unique fumigation system(s) available through IGI that are ideal for large and small fumigation projects for all commodities that would require fumigation for shipping or storage. Carbon dioxide injected into the fumigation container also displaces the oxygen, suffocating and killing pests. The benefits of this type of fumigation process, using IGI CO2 and an IGI fumigation solution are that crops, commodities or goods can remain in the chamber. As long as the chamber remains airtight, the CO2 will continue fumigating the contents. This provides an ideal situation for cross country or overseas shipment as well as long-term storage situations. It is also ideal for storing artifacts or artwork, keeping the items safe while in storage. 

“This Organic registration is definitely a ‘game changer’ in the pesticide world,” states Al Dentone, president of IGI, LLC. “There have never been these types of solutions available until today, and for the Organic grower, the registration of the IGI Organic CO2 is a milestone. These types of solutions have been needed for a very long time. Further, the technology provides a biologically efficient solution that allows elimination of the targeted species with no residual chemical to harm children, pets, wildlife or the aquifer.” 

For additional information or to discuss the uses and benefits of combining the IGI Organic CO2 and one of the available delivery systems, you may contact Mr. Dentone at [email protected] or phoning 209 366-1859.   

About Inert Gas Injection, LLC:  IGI, LLC, founded in 2013, is the world’s only provider of Organic CO2 solution combined with multiple delivery systems.  IGI, LLC is located in Acampo, California. All manufacturing is done in Lodi, California. For more information, see our website at eliminatorbyigi.com.

Source: IGI, LLC


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About Inert Gas Injection, LLC: IGI, LLC, founded in 2013, is the world's only provider of Organic CO2 solution combined with multiple delivery systems. IGI, LLC is located in Acampo, CA. All manufacturing is done in Lodi, CA.