Web Age Solutions Offers Specialized Generative AI Courses Tailored to Meet Client Needs

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Web Age Solutions, a part of Axcel Instructor-Led Training, a leading provider of IT training solutions, is proud to highlight its specialized suite of Generative AI training courses to meet the diverse needs of its clientele. These courses, part of Web Age Solutions' comprehensive AI training programs, emphasize the organization's commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology education.

Our recommended Generative AI courses for organizations in 2024 include:

For Business Users, Analysts, and Managers:

For Developers and Data Scientists:

Tim Toomey, CEO of Axcel ILT, remarks: "Web Age Solutions' custom Generative AI courses represent our commitment to leading-edge IT training. These offerings are a crucial step in empowering our clients with the AI and ML skills essential for tomorrow's technological landscape. Each of these courses or programs can be tailored to suit the needs of our customers.”

These courses are just a starting point; Web Age Solutions will craft a bespoke AI/ML training program tailored to your organization’s unique goals and learning objectives.

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About Web Age Solutions:
Web Age Solutions is an established leader in IT training, offering a wide array of courses and custom training solutions. With a focus on practical application and industry relevance, Web Age Solutions is committed to preparing professionals for the technological challenges of the future.

About Axcel ILT:
Axcel’s instructor-led training (ILT) is a collection of three highly respected brands - Accelebrate, ExitCertified, and Web Age Solutions - renowned for their training expertise. With our winning team, we provide a full suite of services and resources to help organizations upskill, reskill, and meet the growing demand for professional development.

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Web Age Solutions is part of Axcel Learning. With our winning team, we provide services and resources to help businesses, government agencies, and other organizations upskill, reskill, and meet the growing demand for professional development.

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