WeGoLook.com - Forbes Blog Features Superstar of Internet Fraud Prevention

WeGoLook, a new and unique online fraud verification company, was recently featured in Bill Singer's "Street Sweeper" Column in Forbes Magazine to highlight the fight to give consumers back the power.

Bill Singer's "Street Sweeper" Column in Forbes Magazine recently turned the spotlight on WeGoLook, an exciting new service being offered to consumers that takes the guess work out of purchasing goods or services online.

Bill Singer reports about online fraud and the subsequent criminal prosecution of the fraudsters.

Increasingly, millions of consumers go online to make a purchase. Of course, with the rising demand for online goods come the increased opportunities for scam and con artists. Hardworking, honest people end up being victims of fraud or find themselves in the midst of a scam.

According to Bill Singer, Forbes Blog

"Why would you want to use WeGoLook? As noted in some of my columns, many online bidders have been ripped off through fraudulent misrepresentations as to what is being sold, who is the seller, and the integrity of the transaction. Obviously, the more expensive the contemplated deal, the more is at risk."

This online service works by providing onsite verification for almost any item that you may wish to purchase. The unique feature of WeGoLook is the community of 7,400 people who travel to almost anywhere throughout the USA to almost any item, property or person to verify the item's existence. The members of this community are proudly called "Lookers".

"WeGoLook's services aren't limited to proposed purchases of cars or merchandise but extends to online sales/rentals of vacation properties or housing. I'm sure we've all been disappointed, when we arrived at our vacation home at the beach or in the mountains, only to see that the online photos and flowery description hardly prepared us for the dump that we stood before. Maybe a pair of honest eyes and an unbiased report could have saved us some bucks and a disappointing vacation."

WeGoLook is the new superhero in the fight to protect consumers against online crime and fraud.

Empowering consumers by handing back control in the online market place.

For more details and to read the full article visit: http://blogs.forbes.com/billsinger/2011/07/07/cant-look-at-an-online-purchase-before-you-buy-wegolook-can/


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