What to Expect of Special Effects at Coachella

Last year, CryoFX supplied the two-weekend festival with stunning Co2 special effects. What should you expect for this year's return of Coachella?

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in the world; a festival of this caliber requires some insanely good artists and god-tier production. Last year's event featured headliners like OutKast, Muse, and Arcade Fire. While each and every stage at Coachella had its own level of awesomeness, the real party was alive in Coachella's Sahara tent.

Last year's headliners of the Sahara tent were Zedd, Martin Garrix, and Skrillex. CryoFX Co2 jets were blasting cryo throughout the sets of these world famous DJs, creating a visually alluring experience for fans in the crowd. 

As event-goers prepare for the impending festival this April, production companies are gearing up to create stunning visuals and special effects for the event. Performers will surely be utilizing Co2 guns during their sets and stages will be installing cryo jets anywhere they can; Co2 will be the main special effect for many acts this upcoming April.

Will you be front row center for this year's Coachella Valley and Arts Festival? Let us know where you'd like to see some awesome Co2 special effects around the event!


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