XL Lifts Customers Can Now Receive Free Forklift Charger Infrastructure

XL Lifts Lithium Electrick Forklift

XL Lifts, specializing in zero and low emissions forklifts, today announced that its XLerator forklift battery chargers have been approved for use in Southern California Edison’s (SCE) Charge Ready Transport Program*.

“As the demand for zero-emission off-road equipment continues to explode, finding innovative ways to help our customers meet their zero-emissions initiatives remains a top priority,” said Mike Marzahl, President of XL Lifts. “Participation in incentive programs delivers on our promise to provide cost-effective zero-emission solutions.”

Businesses interested in reducing the costs of their forklift charging stations infrastructure should contact XL Lifts to get started.  

About XLerator Forklift Battery Chargers

The XLerator Charger Series is a universal line of forklift battery chargers designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Key features and benefits of the new XLerator battery chargers include:

  • Flexible and scalable design able to work with a wide range of forklift brands
  • Can be programmed for conventional, opportunity or fast applications
  • Compatible with lithium ion, lead acid, VGA and other battery types      
  • “Plug and Play” utility makes expansion easy and inexpensive 
  • Available weather-resistant design for use both indoors and outdoors
  • Eliminates need for large indoor space to house and charge electric forklifts
  • Zero downtime thanks to an advanced design that remains operational even if a power module fails
  • Multi-voltage 1.3kW power modules, that can be combined to produce over 30kW output
  • Chargers for a 24 volt-36 Volt-48 volt up to 80 Volts for all forklifts, AGV’s (automated guided vehicles) and GSE (ground support equipment)
  • Wireless communication for easy data management and battery monitoring

For more information, go to: https://xlliftsinc.com/product/xlerator-battery-chargers/ or go to booth#3302 at the World Ag Expo.

About XL Lifts

XL Lifts specializes in zero and low emissions forklifts and forklift battery chargers. XL Lifts offers a full line of large capacity forklifts from Wiggins Lift, and smaller capacity lifts from World Forklift. The Company also distributes the XLerator line of forklift battery chargers. The Company's impressive client list includes some of the biggest marinas, AG companies, industrial ports and manufacturers worldwide such as the Port of Stockton, SSA Marine at the Port of Stockton and Long Beach, Marine Group Boatworks, Federal Marine Terminals, Ports America and the Scaroni Family of Companies. XL Lift's forklift line includes electrics (lead and lithium), rough terrains, LPG/dual fuel, low-emission diesels, and marina forklifts. More information can be found at www.xlliftsinc.com.

 Media Contact:

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*Subject to approval by participating public utility companies

Source: XL Lifts


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