Yoga Icon Wai Lana Releases 'River of Forgiveness' Music Video

Wai Lana has just released her new music video "River of Forgiveness", proving once again that yoga wisdom touches all aspects of our lives.

River of Forgiveness by Wai Lana

Wai Lana has just released her new music video River of Forgiveness, proving once again that yoga wisdom touches all aspects of our lives. Rather than releasing it on International Yoga Day (June 21), as she has in past years, Wai Lana chose July to release her new music video this year because it's the month which honors the Global Day of Forgiveness and the International Day of Friendship. After watching River of Forgiveness, it will become clear how the message connects with these two days.

Wai Lana wanted to call attention to these two special days because the power of forgiveness is such an important part of friendship and is also part of our ability to live a happy, peaceful, and healthy life.

"The message of my new song River of Forgiveness applies to every person and to everyday life," said Wai Lana. "While it is a sober subject, I don't want people to feel disheartened if they are suffering from anger or resentment. Rather, I want them to feel hope and to know there is a solution freely available to everyone—forgiveness."

Everyone experiences some difficulties in their relationships with others, whether it's with friends, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, or partners. So, everyone will be able to relate to many of the scenarios Wai Lana sings about in River of Forgiveness. While it calls attention to the unhappiness caused by holding on to anger, the song maintains a playful, uplifting tone—transporting viewers to a place of peace, joy, and lightheartedness. Simultaneously entertaining and meditative, River of Forgiveness can be watched again and again.

Fans who are accustomed to seeing Wai Lana in stunning scenic locations won't be disappointed. But they may be surprised to see Wai Lana in a jail cell, suggesting that holding on to anger is like being locked in a prison of our own making. Wai Lana says, "I hope I've succeeded in making a music video that is entertaining and fun to watch, while still honoring the subject. Hopefully, viewers will find both inspiration and some relief from the heavy burden of anger."

Wai Lana concluded, "Not everything in life is in our control, but each of us has the power to forgive. If we wish to hold onto anger, that is our freedom, but we cannot expect the fruits of peace and happiness to flourish among the weeds of anger and resentment."

About Wai Lana

Wai Lana is a world-renowned yoga instructor who is credited with pioneering the modern-day yoga movement through her award-winning TV series, "Wai Lana Yoga" which has aired in the US and internationally for over three decades. For Wai Lana, yoga is not just a workout, it is a complete lifestyle that offers countless physical, mental, and spiritual benefits.

There is simply no artist that can be compared to Wai Lana. Her music videos are rich with spiritual depth, inspiration, and wisdom. Fusing captivating music, lyrics, and cinematography, Wai Lana's unique style belongs to a genre all its own—which has been described as 'music of the heart'.

Fans have become accustomed to Wai Lana releasing a new music video each year that expresses some of the deeper aspects of yoga, inviting her viewers into a world of peace, compassion, and respect for all. Her past videos include "Namaste, Alive Forever, Colors, Beyond Time & Space, Lay Me Down, and She Speaks Sign Language.

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Wai Lana is the host of public television series 'Wai Lana Yoga', which has aired globally for nearly four decades. Wai Lana is an international yoga teacher and an advocate for helping people from all walks of life attain inner peace and well being.

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