ZenSports Signs Exclusive Skin Deal With Boulter Developments for Colorado Online Sports Betting Expansion

Mobile sports betting app that offers a traditional book, peer-to-peer betting, and cryptocurrencies begins process of getting licensed in Colorado

ZenSports began its U.S. expansion efforts last summer via a deal inked with Strategic Gaming Management, whereby it acquired an option to purchase the Big Wheel Casino to expand into Nevada. Now, the next-generation sports betting company has its sights set on Colorado expansion.

Through a deal signed with Boulter Developments LLC, ZenSports will become the exclusive online sports betting skin partner of the new casino to be opened up by Steve Boulter later in 2021. The exclusive deal is for the next 15 years.

According to ZenSports co-founder and CEO Mark Thomas, "We're on track to get our Nevada non-restricted gaming license in the next six months, and we're now looking forward to beginning the process to get licensed in Colorado. We couldn't have a better partner than Steve Boulter, who has been a pillar in the Colorado casino gaming community for 30 years."

The plan is for Boulter Developments to open a new casino in Central City later in 2021. Once that casino has been approved for a master license, ZenSports will apply for its sports betting operator and internet sports betting license via the Colorado Division of Gaming. 

"We're excited to open up a new casino location in Central City later in 2021, and we are thrilled to be partnering with ZenSports on the sports betting side," according to Boulter. "Mark and his team have built the future of sports betting via the ZenSports mobile app, have shown a scrappy mentality for growing its business over the last two years, and are making real inroads here in the U.S. market. They're an exciting partner that we look forward to working with for many years to come."

About ZenSports

ZenSports is a mobile sports betting app that offers a wide variety of features to appeal to the next generation of sports bettors. In addition to offering a traditional mobile sports book, it also offers a peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace, where anyone in any legal market in the world can create and accept sports bets with anyone else in any legal market in the world, without the need for a bookmaker. Consumers can quickly and easily create their own bets with their own odds and terms, or accept bets that others in the marketplace have created. 

ZenSports also offers the ability to fund and wager via cryptocurrencies (in addition to traditional fiat methods). This gives customers a faster, cheaper, and friction-less way to get money in, bet, and get money out. ZenSports has also created its own cryptocurrency utility token called SPORTS, which consumers can use for placing bets, earning discounted betting fees, and getting cash back, bonuses, and other rewards.

ZenSports has raised funding from top investors like Jason Calacanis, MicroVentures, Strategic Gaming Management, and others.

ZenSports is available for download in the App Store (iOS) and the ZenSports website (Android or Web).

About Steve Boulter and Boulter Developments

Steve was instrumental in legalizing gambling in Colorado starting in 1989, and opened the first casino in Black Hawk in October 1991. He has been continually licensed by the Colorado Division of Gaming for the last 30 years. He has been active within the community as a football coach for 21 years, is currently President of the Gilpin County School Board and a board member for both Gilpin County Senior Living and the Central City Business Improvement District. 

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