Examples of a Successful PR Marketing Strategy

Public relations is sometimes an oversight. Companies think about their PR when they receive bad press, or when they have exciting news to share but are unsure of when to share it. The general course of action in any case, good or bad, is to issue a press release-which is only part of the process. The best way to approach a PR issue is to create a PR marketing strategy. Having one in place gives a company control of its brand image and be proactive. 

What is A PR Marketing Strategy?

A PR Marketing Strategy is a great way to create good press and manage bad press as well. It allows a company to create press and public relations while strengthening its brand image. This PR aspect goes hand-in-hand with the marketing side of the strategy to create overall success. Like any marketing plan, it starts with a measurable goal. The marketing strategy aspect outlines the steps a business must take to achieve that goal. Content creation and timing from the marketing side allows a PR marketing strategy to be born. From relations to ideas, a company with a PR marketing strategy in place is sure to see a drastic improvement in their business.

Ice Bucket Challenge:

One example of a successful PR marketing strategy was the ALS Association’s Ice Bucket Challenge. Their goal was to raise awareness for ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

It all started with a single video that challenged others to dump a bucket of ice water on themselves and/or donate money to the cause. Millions of people shared and took part of the challenge. From celebrities to politicians, to local community groups, almost everyone did the Ice Bucket Challenge. One video made the cause go viral.

This challenge quickly became a viral sensation. Allowing this challenge to take place in the heat of summer was great timing on the association’s part. Who wouldn’t want a quick relief of ice cold water and ice cubes on a hot summer day? This challenge also did it’s part of creating awareness for ALS. It leveraged the power of social media and the press to raise millions of dollars and a scientific breakthrough.

Target’s 50 States of Target:

Target created “50 States of Target” to build connections in local communities. They wanted to showcase the good they do in the communities close to Target stores across the country.

On their website, they have chosen to showcase a story about how they have been able to help their community. From donations, community events, or environmental impacts, Target talks about little things they try to do to make a good impression. This information was shared via social media and helped connect people to the company and within their community.

Showcasing the work they have done and the impact they have made makes a great story for PR and marketing. They published the 50 States of Target page in 2018 just as they opened a store in Vermont. This entices people to visit their local store and shop there because of the connection they have with the community.


Lyft is a ride-share service that has embraced the power of influencer marketing in their PR Marketing Strategy. They have an “Undercover” series that has gone viral online.

One of the videos that Lyft has created showcases Boston Red Sox slugger, David Ortiz going undercover as a Lyft driver. He picks up local people using the app and drives them to their destination. In the car, he talks to them, asks them questions, and in the end, reveals his true identity. Their reactions are candid and authentic, making it more sensational. It gets people thinking, “What if this happens to me when I ride with Lyft?”

This mini “Undercover” series created a great PR marketing strategy for Lyft. It encourages people to use their services in hopes of riding with a celebrity one day. The aspect of using an influencer allows for an instant viral hit to occur. People are always intrigued about what celebrities do and will follow suit. Leveraging the power of influencers in their series is a great way to get instantaneous exposure. —Which also calls for a great marketing strategy.

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Rhamer Bernardez is a contributing editor and marketing associate for Newswire. She comes from a journalistic and PR background, covering everything from best practices in the field to social media strategy. Have an idea for a blog post? Don't hesitate to email Rhamer at: rhamer@newswire.com

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