Examples Of Successful Press Release Boilerplates

Press releases are an excellent tool for getting your latest news related to your business in front of journalists and media representatives. They are easier to write than you think. Press releases have pretty much become templated, with certain required elements every journalist will expect when they are reading your release.


One of the elements is known as the boilerplate. It can often make all the difference between whether or not you get media pickups for your press release.

What is a boilerplate?

A boilerplate is a description of your business. It should be brief and tell people who you and your company are, what you do, and what your business mission is. It is a way of telling busy journalists reading your release whether or not you are worth paying attention to.

Why do I need a boilerplate?

A boilerplate can be a great marketing tool which establishes you in your niche or industry. Your press release may be really interesting, but it needs a context: who produced it, and is the information to be trusted? If you publish press releases on a regular basis, journalists will start to recognize your work and be much more likely to give you media pickups.

How to use your boilerplate:

The beauty of the boilerplate s being able to copy and past it on every release. You can change it if you need to, such as giving a customized URL for readers to visit in order to help track how successful each release has been. But for the most part, simply copy and paste it as is.

In terms of the URL, never just send them to your home page. Send them to a page that will guide them through the information you want to share with them.

Examples of successful boilerplates

Here are a few successful boilerplates to use as models for your own:
  • Company X is a small digital publisher which publishes How-To and Self-Help books designed to help readers gain the practical skills they need to succeed. Founded in 2007, it has published more than 500 titles, by top experts in their fields, and also offers a wide range of online courses. To learn more, visit: URL
  • Company Y has been helping ordinary people become smart investors since 2000. Its mission is to make complex financial information easy to understand, and even fun. Founded by Name A and Name B, they offer the benefit of their many years working on Wall Street to help you meet your financial goals. They do the investment research so you don’t have to. Visit URL and get started on the road to better investing.
  • Company Z is one of the leading sources for all supplies and information related to training your dog. From puppyhood to senior, chewers and barkers, from obedience to agility training, you’ll find the help you need and the products to use to transform your dog into the pet of your dreams. Founder Name C has been a dog trainer for both show dogs and family pets for more than 30 years. Please visit URL to learn more.

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