FeatherPay Joins Our Guided Tour to Bring the Future of Healthcare Payments to the Present

Building brand awareness, improving search engine optimization (SEO) performance, and earning valuable media mentions are a few of the contributing factors behind FeatherPay joining Newswire’s Media and Marketing Guided Tour. 

FeatherPay, an Atlanta-based fintech focused on healthcare, has joined Newswire’s Media and Marketing Guided Tour program. 

As part of the Guided Tour, Newswire will help create high-impact stories, launch targeted outreach, analyze press release campaign data, and more to position FeatherPay as thought leaders in the healthcare payments space. 

According to a 2019 Healthcare Consumer Experience study, 41% of patients say that they would change providers due to a poor experience in the payment process, and 20% of patients have already done so.

FeatherPay understands this pain point and has created a solution that centralizes payment options, enabling healthcare practices to give their patients transparency and flexibility in how, when, where and on what device they can pay for care. 

“Healthcare payment options have historically been confusing and limited, which makes it difficult for patients to understand and ultimately make payment,” said Craig Haynor, CEO and co-founder of FeatherPay. “We’re driving change through technology by adding transparency to the healthcare payment experience, which helps patients get the care they need while enabling improved financial results for practices.” 

Through this partnership, Newswire will leverage its experience and the expertise of its Media and Marketing team to help FeatherPay meet and exceed its defined goals. 

In fact, through its press release distribution efforts, Newswire has already earned FeatherPay a feature in the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s weekly newsletter.

“FeatherPay is bringing its vision of delivering results, winning together, and raising the bar to life,” said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. “We’re confident our partnership will put them in a position to become the leading healthcare payments platform for years to come.”

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