How to Find the Right Press Release Writing Service

It’s no secret that outsourcing some tasks and responsibilities is smart business. We all have our unique skills and talents. It makes good financial sense to focus on those talents and outsource the tasks that don’t match the skills of your team. Additionally, if you don’t have a large press and public relations need, then creating a staff position for press and PR may not make sense. So, the solution is to outsource your press release writing and find the right service for your needs and goals. 


How to Find the Right Writing Service:

1. Referrals and Recommendations

Start with getting referrals or recommendations from associates and friends. This shortcut will help you jumpstart things.

Make sure your source has actually worked with the service and hasn’t just “heard they were good.” Having a referral or recommendation helps you start the communication process more confidently.

2. Portfolio and Samples

Any good press release writing service will be able to give you recent examples of their work. You want to look at not only the formatting and style of their samples, but also the content. Does it have an attention grabbing headline? Do they integrate social media features and functionality into the press release? Do they link to additional media resources? In short, is the press release well written and does it utilize all of the options available to today’s press release marketers?

3. Distribution

Do some digging.

Investigate whether the press release writing service offers distribution services as well. If not, that will be an extra step you’ll need to take. However, if they do offer distribution, make sure they have the skills to choose the best channels for you. They should be able to choose the best channels based on your industry and needs after working on your release.

4. Familiarity

Has the press release writing service written releases for your industry? Are they familiar with your audience and with the language of your audience and your media representatives?

5. Results

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to find out if the press release writing service has been able to achieve results for their clients. Hopefully, this information is readily available and they are happy to share their successes. Finding the right press release writing service may take a little time but it’s worth the effort. Outsourcing your press release writing saves you a lot of time. This allows you to focus on creating a Targeted Media Campaign or creating a PR strategy for your release. Use a writing service today to take a load off!

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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