Newswire Helps Tech CEOs Drive Business from Media in Entrepreneur, Business Journals

Media placements, when executed correctly can generate leads, drive revenue, and promote business growth, objectives all tech CEOs care about.

Have you ever found yourself clicking through Entrepreneur and Business Journals and thinking how great it’d be to have an article about your company on these sites?

Imagine putting a snapshot of that article on your website or sharing it on social media. You might even dream of framing a print version for your office.

Why would you be so thrilled about landing that article? Product launches, new rounds of funding, or other company news are exciting, but having your story covered in a respected, widely-read publication would mean even more.

It’s not just a dream – it’s something you could make happen for yourself and your company, and we have the tools to help you land your dream article.

Now, look at your arms. Those are chills. We get those too when we earn media mentions in big-name publications for our clients through press release distribution. 

Tech CEOs can’t afford to miss opportunities to promote their brand on top-tier publications like Entrepreneur and Business Journals

These placements strengthen credibility, create authority, build brand awareness, and position companies as thought leaders in their industries. All these benefits work together to help them attract website traffic, generate leads, and most importantly, improve sales. 

“Many tech CEOs think these opportunities are out of reach for their business,” said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. “But through our Media Advantage Plan (MAP), we’re showing our clients these earned media mentions are attainable.”

Clients that are part of Newswire’s MAP have direct access to its enriched press release distribution network and upgraded SaaS platform that empowers them to create newsworthy stories, launch targeted campaigns, and dig into detailed data to continually refine messaging and strategies to meet and exceed their marketing goals.

“Press releases are the bridge that connects our clients to big-name publications,” Terenzio added. “We’re practitioners, not preachers, and that’s why we leverage our industry-leading solutions for ourselves to better the results for our clients.”

In fact, we’ve put our process in action and landed an article in Entrepreneur that highlighted the badges we recently earned from’s Fall 2021 Report. 

If this sounds like something you’d like for your business, we’re offering free Media and Marketing Assessments along with 10% off your next press release.

We’re here to help CEOs like you unlock real value and create a strategy for driving growth and earning media mentions in major networks. Let’s get started.

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