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Press Release Distribution: How Does it Work?  

Have you ever wondered how press release distribution works? How does your content find its way to your target audience?  

In this blog post, we cover how press release distribution works to help you better understand this brand-building initiative.   

What is Press Release Distribution?  

A press release is an authoritative piece of content that informs the public, key stakeholders, and media outlets on various announcements, events, developments, and more.

Press release distribution involves taking that content and sharing it with a targeted audience. The goal is to maximize reach, improve online visibility, earn media coverage, and build a positive perception with the public.  

4-Step Press Release Distribution Process  

Step One: Choose a Newsworthy Topic  

The press release distribution process begins with a newsworthy idea. The newsworthiness of the message you’re sharing can make or break the success of your campaign. When deciding on a topic, you want to find one that’s relevant for your target audience and paints your brand in a positive light.   

If you’re struggling to come up with a newsworthy topic, here are 10 to consider:  

  • Earning awards  
  • Business funding  
  • Community involvement  
  • Company anniversary  
  • Events (in-person and/or virtual)  
  • New data/industry report  
  • New hire/promotion  
  • Product launch  
  • Quarterly earnings  
  • Rebrand  

Step Two: Use a Proper Press Release Format  

Using the proper format is essential in ensuring your content addresses the most important information.   

To help keep your content focused on the main message of the news you’re sharing, we suggest using the inverted pyramid.   

The inverted pyramid addresses:  

  • Who?  
  • What?  
  • When?  
  • Where?  
  • Why?  
  • How?  

Answer these questions at the beginning of your campaign.   

Check out our blog post, “A Step-by-Step Guide on Press Release Writing” for more information.   

Step Three: Understand the Press Release Wire  

Think of the wire as a baton handoff in a track meet.   

Once a company decides on a newsworthy topic and writes compelling copy, it’s time to hand off their copy to a wire service to take it over the finish line by posting using their distribution channels to post it on specific feeds that are accessible by journalists and the company’s target audiences.   

Step Four: Select a Press Release Distribution Service  

How do you select a service that’s right for your brand?  

Do your research and explore their distribution options.   

Keep an eye on what’s included with each option. You never want to feel blindsided by an up-charge when it comes time to submit your content.  

At Pressrelease.com, we offer simple, affordable distribution.  

Explore our offerings with this brief overview:  

  • Press Release: $349 – Digital network for greater online visibility and publicity. Outstanding value.  
  • Press Release Plus: $599 – Enhanced digital network to major media and leading news sites.  
  • Public Company Press Release: $899 – Expanded financial and investor relations network of outlets and portals.  

Visit our Pricing page for additional details on what’s included and our Value Pack options.  

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