How to Write a Press Release Boilerplate

The boilerplate for a press release is standard, mostly unchanging copy about who your company is and what you do. It is like a template for the most important facts you would like people to know about your business. You can use it on your site, in email signatures, your social media accounts, and more. It’s a bit like an “elevator speech,” with a few seconds to tell people why you are worth paying attention to and why people might want to do business with you.


The more you can template in your business, the more time you can save. The more you can template your press releases, the faster you can get them out, and feel sure that you have included all of the most important information. Create your boilerplate and then copy and paste it into every press release.

The secrets of a good boilerplate

A good boilerplate should be short, clear, concise, yet interesting. It should use ordinary language, not jargon, and only as many details as you need to prove your credentials in your niche or industry. It should also include your contact information at the end and a call to action to persuade readers to learn more at URL.

How to write effective boilerplate copy

There are a number of key areas to focus on.

1-Who are you and what do you do?

State the name of the company. Explain briefly what you do, and the types of products and services you offer.

2-Why do people need you?

What solutions does your company offer, and why are your solutions as good, if not better, than those of your competitors?

3-What is your mission?

Include your business mission statement, which declares why you are in business and how you differ from similar companies.

4-Write tightly

Your boilerplate should be about 100 words.

5-Your niche or industry

Use your main keyword to help attract search engines to your releases.

6-Address, email, phone, and URL

If you have a physical address because you are bricks and mortar, include it. Otherwise, just use city and state. Include the best email address and phone number for people to follow up on your release, and provide a call to action: “Please feel free to contact us at EMAIL or PHONE if you would like more information about this press release.” List your URL and also include a call to action.

7-Awards and recognition

IF you have won any awards or have any provable edges over your competition, mention them. Do not go in for idle boasting.

8-Review your boilerplate periodically

Keep your boilerplate up to date so that it reflects your company accurately. Mention new awards, product lines and so on.

A boilerplate template

Here’s a boilerplate template that you can use to get started. Just fill in the blanks.

NAME OF COMPANY is a TYPE OF BUSINESS founded in YEAR. We offer/sell/service clients who need X< Y, and Z. We specialize in A, B and C. Our business mission is to X. Please contact us at URL to learn more about all we can offer.


Please feel free to contact us at EMAIL or PHONE if you would like more information about this press release.

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Anthony Santiago is Director of Marketing at Newswire. With over a decade of experience in PR, he helps ensure that clients understand the value of brand messaging and reach.

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