Newswire Helps Land Wall Street Journal Feature for Fitness App Client

Brand awareness generated by earned media mentions is a key component of securing and maintaining market share. 

Earned media mentions in relevant industry publications can help tech companies build brand awareness, generate website traffic, improve search engine optimization (SEO) performance, and more.

This was the case for Newswire’s Media Advantage Program (MAP) client in the fitness app space that landed a feature in The Wall Street Journal

As a community-driven fitness app that’s rooted in being social, creating a lifestyle, and potentially finding “the one,” this particular earned media mention positioned Newswire’s client as a leader in its niche and described the app as “matchmakers for fitness buffs.”

“This feature in The Wall Street Journal was a direct result of our team’s ability to pinpoint and create opportunities on our client’s behalf,”  said Charlie Terenzio, CMO and SVP of Media and Marketing Communications at Newswire. “The brand amplification this feature created for our client has continued to help them build a name for themselves in the industry and generate more awareness.”

Through its innovative app, Newswire’s client is helping fitness enthusiasts from all over the world build and nurture relationships on their platform.

And, by leaning on Newswire’s enriched press release distribution network and its SaaS platform, the tech company has been able to better identify media opportunities, craft compelling stories, launch targeted campaigns, and more to connect with people who would be interested in using their platform.  

“When executed correctly, valuable earned media mentions should trigger a snowball effect of positive press coverage,” Terenzio added. “This is exactly what happened for our client in the fitness app space, as it’s continued to lead to new opportunities.”

The Wall Street Journal attracts more than 41 million visitors a month and this exposure has enabled Newswire’s client to earn additional coverage in publications such as Yahoo! Entertainment, and FitDay, both of which collectively attract more than 3 million website visitors a month. 

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